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Iria Degen Interiors was established in Paris in 2000. Today we are a team of 10 to 14 in-house and freelance interior architects, architects, and designers working on private and public projects worldwide. Our projects are deliberately diverse because we are always looking for a new challenge. We do not have a standard procedure. Our motivation is to deliver results that are customized to the client’s unique needs and visions. Our clientele ranges from sophisticated individuals who cultivate high expectations for detail and quality to global corporate clients that demand a distinctive, contemporary image.

Every project begins with an idea. The creative, user-oriented solution – our solution – merges client taste with function. Form and function begin to merge in a dialogue of architecture, context, and client needs. As interior designers, we integrate spatial planning, equipment and furnishings, lighting, and accessories into a solution that adapts the space to its user. Of course, this dialogue begins with the client. We attentively listen and absorb the requirements and vision for the space. Key to our style are high quality and natural materials, discreet colors, and simple forms to generate a harmonious and quiet atmosphere with universal appeal. Our goal is a timeless, elegant design that does not aim to be “stylish” and that fits every room naturally. Interior design is our passion!